"I've got big ideas going through my head. My hands are shaking, I can barely speak. I'm driving down to the rich part of town. Gonna see a girl there that I met last week."
The words made him feel hot and sweaty and a bit tingly on the outside. Right then a bird, not a very small bird but more of a medium Personal-Sized Bird, knocked on the door and said, "I know who you are. You are Frederick." But his name was not Frederick--it was Frederip. Just the sort of mistake a bird would make. That was when he knew he was in the WEIRD ZONE.

Van Poetry --The band went through a phase in 1993 of writing poetry on every van ride. Here are the fruits of that momentous era.

Games - What we do to fill our leisure hours after we painstakingly rehearse for a grueling 15 minutes each week.
THE VIRTUAL GLOCKENSPIEL - Remember "Amadeus"? Remember when the puckish lovable cad, Mozart, played glockenspiel in "The Magic Flute"? Now you can play glockenspiel online! A history making first on the internet. Why didn't someone think of this sooner? Requires a plug-in that plays MIDI (we recommend the Beatnik plug-in).
GSW Fun Facts - There are a lot of very crucial facts about the band that simply didn't fit anywhere else. For that fan who just has to know everything. Links - Wherein we provide a whole bunch of links to sites that are much cooler than ours. We have to bury this here cause otherwise you might leave and never come back.
Note: There is also a lot of stuff that has a certain weirdness to it in the WRITINGS page, which is not in the Wine Cellar at all, but in the WHO IS GSW area.



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