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Hello everybody! Welcome to THE GRAPEVINE.

This is the place to get up-to-the hour info on God Street Wine, tour dates, recordings, news, rumors, and the GSW community. If you would like to contribute an item of interest to the Grapevine e-mail it to

9-12....ITEM Tape Trading page goes on-line. As a resource to people interested in trading GSW and other band's tapes, with the help of some friends we've set up a tape trading page with links to people's tape lists.

9-3....ITEM No New Years Eve Show. It has been announced that GSW will not be playing a show on NYE. Be prepared to see some shows rolled out in that holiday period though.

9-2....ITEM GSW Site to host tape trading center. Get your tape list linked to from the GSW site. Tapes need not be GSW, just preferably bands that allow taping. Send your tape list LINK to Traci with a subject of DAT/Analog Tapelist.

7- 25....ITEM IPIX photos now available on the website. Pictures of Backstage @ Wetlands, Onstage @ Wetlands and The Rehearsal Space

6-10....ITEM Personalized email addresses available for domain. And the new site launches with free MP3's and Real Audio files.

6-7....ITEM: The band is taping the two Wetlands shows (June 10 and June 17th) for a possible live CD. Jason Crosby continues to sit in on keys for these shows. Jason's amazing ability to learn GSW songs after one listening will be put to the test at Wetlands as the band breaks out still more old favorites that have sat on the shelf for a while....Rumors abound of special guests appearing with GSW as they often do at the Wetlands.

ITEM: There are a lot of discussions about online music distribution lately. The band wants to get the new album out online via mp3 sometime this summer or fall....In addition to the new album, the band has been archiving a lot of older recordings, both studio and live stuff. Look for both a compilation album and a live album, or maybe both in one, to come out towards the end off '99 or early 2000.

ITEM: Still no word on tour plans for the rest of '99. The two Wetlands shows in June, plus a couple festival appearances in August, will be the only shows for the for the fall, it remains to be seen.

6-1....The band plans to announce plans for New Year's Eve 2000 sometime this month. This website will be the venue for the announcement, so watch carefully....

5-30....The time off has been busy for GSW....Aubrey has been visiting Jamaica with Julie and Kai, enjoying the sun and researching the reggae world for an upcoming project. Dan and Lo have been archiving photos, movies, and live tapes for this site, going through boxes and boxes of DATS, while Lo has also been working on mixes of the Long View farms studio material....

5-21....Lo's birthday was yesterday. Lo and Lisa's housewarming party in Brooklyn was a gathering for the band and many old friends....

5-19....RECORD COMPANY UPDATE: the band is still mired in the Mercury/Polygram mess. Mercury has sent the boys a release offer that manager Scott Reilly calls "unacceptable". Meanwhile the band continues to work slowly but surely on the album cut last summer, but it seems we'll still have to wait a while before we havce a release date on this....

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