God Street Wine is a rock group. From New York City.

The band is often referred to as GSW. Their fans sometimes call themselves Winos.

GSW has never:

  • sold more than 60,000 albums
  • had a video on MTV
  • played a sports stadium
  • played outside the US -- except for one visit to Paris, France

On the other hand, GSW has:

  • made five albums for 3 different record labels
  • toured the US from coast to coast numerous times, been a part of the HORDE tour four times, and opened tour for the Black Crowes and the Allman Brothers
  • in the late '80s and early '90s played a major part in developing the so-called "jam band scene"
  • had a large influence on (and been influenced by) the up-and coming generation of improvisational rock musicians

The band continues to tour the club scene, write and record new music, and stay in touch with their fans, with only two personnel changes in over ten years together as a band. For more information, follow the links below, and explore this entire website.


HISTORY -- a long and painstakingly detailed year-by-year history of the band, written by chief songwriter Lo Faber, "in case I died suddenly and none were there to hear my tale".

MUSICIANS -- all about the guys who play the music in GSW, both current and former members, and their individual bios and writings.

WRITINGS -- a space for the creative though sometimes rather disturbed writings, rantings, essays, and alleged "ideas" of the members of God Street Wine. Scary!

BIOS -- for your amusement, the cheesy "official bios" and record company blurbs that have appeared over the years.


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