We try to be as accessible as possible....we also make an effort to answer all our mail eventually, although it may sometimes take a while.

If this is regarding booking the band for a gig or an interview, please go to the BOOKINGS info; do not try to contact the band directly.

Finally we urge that you not send unsolicited demo tapes or CD's to the band. The simple reason is, we get such an enormous amount of these things on such a constant basis that no human being could ever go through them all, and the people who send them are pretty much throwing them away. We can only imagine the volume of tapes received by artists who are actually famous....



You can write to Lo Faber, Dan Pifer, and Aaron Maxwell respectively at,, and You can write to Aubrey Dayle at You can write a message that will be forwarded to the whole band by mailing it to

You can contact God Street Wine's management by writing to Scott Reilly at

You can contact the legendary Eric Budke, who maintains this website, or send questions and comments about the site, to

You can contact other Winos (GSW fans) and various strange people, and keep up on the doings of the band on a regular basis, by subscribing to the finewine internet mailing list.



You can write to the band or send cash gifts to: God Street Wine Productions c/o Burton Goldstein Inc., 156 West 56th Street, NY., NY., 10019. Once again we urge you not to send demo tapes!

We no longer maintain a full paper mailing list. However, if you have no internet access and you really want to receive GSW tour updates in the mail (how are you reading this?), we will send you a postcard every so often if you send us a postcard first at:
PO Box 294
Rye NY 10580.

Finally, for those of you with telephones, the Wineline is the number to call for up-to-the minute gig info when the band is on tour: (914)967-1209.



We urge that you direct all business inquiries to our manager except for concrete gig offers, which you can take directly to our booking agent.

Our manager is Scott Reilly at Bullethead Management. Requests for interviews, requests to videotape shows, general questions about booking the band, and anything else regarding the business side of God Street Wine can be sent to him. (He also likes any form of Elvis memorabilia and any accoutrements having to do with gambling in general or poker in particular.) The address is: Bullethead Management, 151 1st Avenue, #108, New York, NY., 10003. His phone # is 212-217-2779. His e-mail (the surest way to reach him) is

Our booking agent is Jonathan Levine at Monterey Peninsula Artists. Please contact Monterey only with concrete gig offers for a certain date and a certain amount of money. Do not contact them with questions about the band's general availability during a certain period or about benefit appearances; direct these requests to Bullethead instead.

Monterey's phone#: (408)375-4889. Jonathan Levine's e-mail:




We strongly urge that anyone wishing to keep up with the doings of the band and the GSW community subscribe to one of the versions of the finewine internet mailing list.

There are two versions of the list: one that sends you tour dates and major GSW news only, and one which sends you all the ongoing discussions about God Street Wine. The tourdates/news only list will only send you a message every couple weeks or so, depending on how busy the band is; the full list will send you anywhere from 10 to 50 messages a day, depending on how vociferous the Winos are at any given time. The full list is also available as a digest, which means you just get one big, searchable message instead of a lot of messages.

To subscribe to the news-only list click here, for the discussion list click here

Finally, this summer we will be introducing the GSW Online Music Emporium and Wonderworld. This will be a pay service that will not only keep you abreast of all GSW news and plans, but, most importantly, will allow you access to a large and ever-changing archive of God Street Wine music in downloadable (mp3) or streaming (RealAudio) form over the internet.

If you are interested in the GSW Online Music Emporium and Wonderworld or want to learn more about it, please send mail to Or keep your eyes on this spot over the summer!

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