This setlist search engine is Eric Budke's creation. The idea is that you can pull up any setlist in the history of GSW (at least, that has been entered into the database) by date or by keyword (I assume the keyword would typically be the name of a song, or maybe a venue). Notice that as Eric points out, if the search engine does not work to your liking, you can jump right into the setlist database via ftp.

If you are interested in trading tapes, check out the Tape Traders Section of the site.


This search engine is being worked on (as was I guess the other one, but this one really is being worked on every few days) and currently will probably contain data from some of the most recent stuff, and not the older stuff yet (hopefully there will be an easy way to automate the old stuff).

Currently this search is limited to date, as I believe that is what will be needed the most by myself at this time. Other things will follow. -Enjoy any suggestions can be sent to (

PS. If you search for something and nothing is returned it means either there was no show that date (try seaching nearby dates), the setlist hasn't been entered (highly probable right now), or I don't have the setlist.

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This does not work. But click here for the old search engine where this does.

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You will currently have to use the back button after this search to search again.

If you still can't find it, and it is an older show, there is a chance that it just hasn't been added to the searchengine's files yet:
Try where they are organized by year.



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