"In the race to claim the Grateful Dead's crown after Jerry Garcia's death, the Dave Matthews Band may have won the popularity contest and Phish the spiritual war, but God Street Wine have laid claim to the musical title. Drawing as much influence from the Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan and Jerry's southern California twang as the Dead's improvisations, God Street Wine are one of the only neo-hippie bands to remember that the Dead were as much a country and folk group as a rock & roll jam band. And unlike many of their brethren, they offer up songs that are just as effective on record as they are live.

On their second major label release, they set the tone for the rest of the album with the opener "Diana," with plenty of Hammond organ, a nice mix of acoustic and electric guitars, and a jam section tacked on to the song's end comprising almost a quarter of the tune's six minutes. Elsewhere, "I'll Still Like You"'s wah-wah infused southern rock segues nicely into the Dylanesque "Water." Brother-in-arms John Popper of Blues Traveler lends his formidable harmonica work to "Feather.""

Over the years a lot of nice journalists have written very nice things about the band. Over the years some have also written some not very nice things. (SOMETIMES THESE ARE MORE ENTERTAINING.) The bit on the left was pulled off of the cdnow.com site; no clue as to who wrote it. The band has been interviewed by everyone from the New York Times to countless college papers, and reviewed by same....for what its worth, here is a cross section of these articles and reviews.

There were only five articles posted on the old GSW web site, and three of those were from Colby College. What we need is to type in a lot of articles, and no one exactly relishes that chore. If your dream in life is to type articles about God Street Wine into a computer, please CONTACT US.

We will try to have a good assortment of GSW press up here soon.




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