Are you a real "Wino"? Just been to 20 shows -- or 200? Seen the band since '95 -- or since '89? Do you get excited by "Molly" -- or by "Other Shore"?

Whether you're the most insane die-hard Wino around or just someone who happens to dig God Street Wine's music, an e-mail address @godstreetwine.com lets people know exactly what your thoughts are on what constitues good music.

So take advantage of this special offer and display your love of GSW where everyone will see it-- on your e-mail address, of course!

To sign up, fill out the form below.

For just $40 per year, email to yourname@godstreetwine.com will be forwarded to your existing mailbox.

Should you move from that mailbox, you can have the yourname@godstreetwine.com mail sent to your new mailbox free. So, as you change jobs, go home for the summer, or constantly change ISPs like some members of God Street Wine, you can have an email address that will always follow you.

So, all you need to do is email emailaddresses@godstreetwine.com with the name you want. We will respond with availability and where payment for your order should be sent.

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