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Paul Ducharme Memorial 5/30/2009

Paul was God Street Wine's first taper. He did it way back when they were playing in basements, backyards and really really crappy bars. He passed away on April 12 2009 in California and his friends and family are having a memorial for him on May 30th 2009 in Ridgewood NJ from 11-2p at "The Barn" at Westside Presbyterian Church (Google Maps). This is open to friends and family.

Where are they now?

Well in some ways it is quite embarassing. All of this technology, and yet I'm reverting back to email. If you want to hear where various members of GSW are now playing, please sign up to one of the two email lists: Finewine - a general discussion list. Or Finewine-info - a news only list.

Both of these lists will receive the same info (the discussion one will just allow anyone to talk about it). The problems are that the current format of this page doesn't allow for updates that easily, there generally isn't a "schedule" that can get posted months in advance, and I often don't find out about them far enough in advance to make the time to update worth it (realize that sometimes I hear about stuff only a day or two before it happens.

So please sign up to an above list. Realize that the updates will come through much quicker and timely there, and I will work for something for the web page.


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Hey everybody it's Lo....

This seems to be a pretty momentous time so I thought it might be a good time to write something new for this web site, which has more or less been hibernating here since GSW broke up at the end of '99.

First, great joy and happiness on Sept 3rd, at the first God Street Wine reunion show....the first show in over 3 years with all 5 original members. A bittersweet occasion to be sure, as we were there at Wetlands to commemorate it's 12 year run as the best live music venue in New York City, and our musical and spiritual home away from home. So we are definitely going to miss this magical place....but the show itself was simply great, a lot of fun for the band, a great vibe in the club, and so many old faces, many hugs, the great feeling of being up there again with Bevo to my right and Aaron to my left, and Tomo just over my shoulder, playing what else but "Home Again"....

And then a mere 8 days later our universe seemed to crumble and collapse as we watched the horrifying, unbelievable pictures of what was happening in our hometown the morning of 9/11.

We all I'm sure had similar thoughts that day and over the next few days. My daughter is 4 months old. What kind of world have I brought her into? So many friends I have in the city. Are they all OK? And what will happen next? Will our country be provoked into doing something stupid and compounding this tragedy? Or will a mediocrity named george W bush rise to the occasion and find greatness within himself when challenged by events? What will happen economically? And will we ever feel safe again? It feels impossible that the world will ever be the same.

But life does go on, and so thank god do art and music....the very things that are anathema to the Fundamentalists of the world, whether they be named Osama Bin Laden or Jerry Falwell, the Taliban or the Moral Majority. All of us God Streeters are alright, still out and about playing music with our respective projects, enjoying our families and being more grateful than ever to have them, listening to music, and enjoying life....with a sadness that may not leave us for a very long time....but a determination that the barbarians and bullies of this world will not take its good things away from us.



Many people have written us over the last two years asking one variation or another on the query, "The site has not been updated since '99. What's up with the band?"

Well, yes, sorry to report, but the band broke up at the end of 1999 with 3 big shows at the Wetlands (which became our farewell album "Good To the Last Drop") We did not rule out an eventual reunion, but nor did we expect one to happen very soon (as you just read above, we did get together 9/3/2001 for a special show in honor of the closing of the Wetlands).

As far as reasons for the breakup, they were various. Financial stresses played a part, as did touring burnout and fatigue, and a horrible situation with our label, Mercury records. Also there was a general feeling that having "done GSW" for 11 years and 7 albums we were all pretty much ready to move on to other things musical and non-musical.

Our personal relationships have stayed fairly close, in some ways easier now that the constant struggle of the band is not there. Sometimes we are apt to have disagreements but never very bitter ones, and certainly if our own ability to get along were the only factor there is no doubt that GSW would still be active to this day.

But as it is we are all happy doing what we're doing. Tomo lives in Ireland and is working with a singer named Damien Rice whose music is just starting to break over there. Dan and Aaron have been very busy with the Pancake Party Boys, and Aaron also regularly around NYC in a band with Pete Levin. Jon has a baby daughter, Claire, a real job and a wonderful wife.

For myself I have a new band, the Lo Faber Band, which continues to play a lot of GSW material, and a new album, Henry's House, recorded in my new studio in the woods of upstate NY. Even more important I have a 4 month old daughter, Millicent (who may yet join Claire in the next generation's version of the Spice Girls).

But in spite of all these projects we have all been very gratified to see the level of continuing interest in God Street Wine. It seems this website will continue to exist as long as Eric Budke is willing to maintain it. Much thanks to Budke by the way, who has maintained both the website and the Finewine e-mail list from Day One without any compensation from the band. Send him a really nice letter when you get a chance.

We toss around ideas for new GSW recordings or release of archived recordings from time to time. Certainly there are many many recorded tracks both live and studio that never saw the light of day. So who knows! A new God Street album may yet come along....but in the meantime we want to thank you all for your interest and support....

Stay in touch and we'll see you out on the road--

Lo Faber
Sept 26 2001


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