Hello boys and girls and how's that summer going? Hanging round the community pool eating bologna, sweating like a pig and trying cigarettes for the first time getting boring for ya? Wanting a fresher musical flavor to cool you down? Congratulations for coming to the right place! Get RA Player and chill to the WGSW wirewaves....
The GSW Radio Station is fully operational NOW. We intend to feature our own music QUITE HEAVILY, along with other music that we like.

From time to time we also plan to broadcast a live show in this space, or even a performance especially for this space. If you are interested in contributing content to GSW radio, send e-mail to gsw@godstreetwine.com and sell us on your brilliant idea.


RealPlayer allows you to view streaming media over the internet in the RealAudio and RealVideo formats...like the stuff on this page.

QuickTime allows you to view and hear a whole slew of media formats including QuickTime movies, mp3 audio, and every graphic file format you could imagine....very handy.

Feel like choosing you own playlist? The following songs are currently available in streaming RA format. You need RealAudio Player (see above) to hear these tracks, and the quality will depend on the speed of your internet connection....

All Systems Clear - - - Unreleased Studio Recording 1999

When The Melody Plays - - - Unreleased Studio Recording 1999

Spoonful of Sugar - - - Unreleased Studio Recording 1999

There will be a very LARGE archive of RealAudio streaming GSW content available once you subscribe to the GSW Online Music Emporium and Wonderworld, coming later this summer....

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