MP3 - - the music format of the future! No CD's records tapes 8-tracks or piano rolls necessary in the cyber-world to hear great tunes. We will keep a rotating selection here of free mp3's for download by ANYONE AND EVERY ONE WHO WANTS THEM. If you need more then see below....

Simple. You need a program that plays mp3 (stands for MPEG, Level 3) files. We recommend WinAmp for Windows users and MacAmp for Mac users. These are both shareware programs and neither takes a long time to download. You will also find other programs that play the files, and newer versions of QuickTime or Windows Media Player should do the trick as well. See the links below if you need a player....

Of course, you also need audio jacks on your computer with a pair of speakers or headphones connected.

Please, do not listen to our music through the internal speakers on your PC! It's just not worth it. Get yourself a decent pair of powered speakers, use headphones, or hook up your PC to your stereo.

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*What is mp3?

MP3 stands for MPEG. Level 3. It is a compression format that takes digital audio files such as you might listen to on a CD, and makes them much smaller (about 1/10th the size, to be exact) with very little loss of quality. When we say very little, well, the difference is definitely audible especially in the sibilants or very high frequencies. Nothing beats listening to a CD as far as sound fidelity goes (except, of course, listening to the analog multitrack masters). But mp3 is by far the best combination of compression and sound quality, which is why it has become a de facto internet standard inspite of the opposition of virtually the entire recording industry.

Why is the music biz opposed to mp3? Basically the music biz is in a blind panic over any technology, like mp3, that allows artists (like GSW) to bring their music directly to the public without a middleman. Their stated reason for opposing mp3 is that it facilitates piracy. This is why they have spent so much time and money on the pipe dream of developing a so-called secure format, which they would then license, and keep control of all the artists and all their content.

Does MP3 encourage piracy? The record execs' argument ignores the fact that piracy has always existed ever since recorded music came into existence. The surreal search for a secure standard seems to ignore the logical fact that, if you can listen to a piece of music, you can also copy it. (Losing one analog generation is certainly not a hindrance in this day and age.) The only true secure standard would be if the major labels could somehow pump music directly into a listener's brain....which is certainly something they would like to be able to pull off.

What is God Street Wine's goal with MP3? We hope to have all our commercially released recordings available for electronic purchase and download in the mp3 format by the end of 1999, and during the next year, to implement a program of adding new recordings and live performances to the catalog available by this medium. We are also adding a subscription service in which subscribers will have access to a periodically circulating archive of GSW mp3 files culled from live shows, rare studio material, and exclusive new material.