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rare GSW studio and live recordings

THE 1988 SOJ Demo. The first studio recording the band ever made was a 5-song demo which included "Electrocute", "Freight Train", "Fortress Of Solitude", "She Said Dark", and "Other Shore".

The 1989 Cassette. The band was a serious enough concern by spring of '89 for the boys to start work on a full-length album to sell at shows. This album was made at C&J studios, a 16-track analog facility in midtown Manhattan, over about a month's time, and featured the guest harmonica work of Blues Traveler's John Popper (as did the "God Street Wine" album 8 years later). It was released on cassette; the band had 1,000 made, all of which were sold or given away as demos by 1990.

The Purple Tape. In need of a new demo to reflect their work with a horn section and a funkier sound, the band went back to C&J Studios armed with a 4-piece horn section and four new tunes: "Dirty Little Secret", "Brand New Pussycat", "Change Your Mind", and "Edgar's Back In Town".

Live At The 712 Club. The 712 Club, an illegal bar in Harlem, became the band's "home venue" in the period 1990-91.

The Bedroom Tapes. When the band signed with Geffen Records at the end of 1993, their first task was to prepare demos of all the tunes they wanted to give consideration to in recording their first major label album (which would become "$1.99 Romances"). To this end they lugged the disassembled remnants of Crossroads Studios, including a huge MCI console, up to Ossining in the dead of winter and set the band up in Lo's bedroom, where they recorded over 40 songs in about four days.

Miscellaneous Demos. Various 3- and 4-song demos were made from 1989 through 1992; the most common one features "Electrocute", "Crazy Head" and "Freight Train" and was made at Crossroads in 1991.


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