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1998 was a tumultuous year for GSW. It involved the first major personnel changes in the band's history, as Tom Osander (drums) and Jon Bevo (keyboards) were replaced by Aubrey Dayle and Peter Levin. It also involved a record company hassle that made the band's previous difficulties with Geffen Records seem like a cakewalk, as their label, Mercury, was sold along with the rest of Polygram to Seagram's/Universal.

In the midst of all this the guys cut a record, which is as yet unfinished and unreleased. It was recorded with the 2 new members, plus Jon Bevo, and John Woody guesting on percussion, at Long View Farms, the live-in studio in rural Massachusetts. Basic tracks and overdubs were completed on at least 18 songs, which included new songs, early GSW songs, and songwriting contributions by all members of the group.

The mixes that came out of Long View farms were intended for reference only, and the band's budget dried up before a satisfactory mixing solution could be found. Then all hell broke loose as Mercury was sold, the band went on the road in the fall, and the recording project went on the back burner for a while. Since then the band has worked on the tracks sporadically (at their own expense).

The current plan is for the album to come out in the fall of '99. Much discussion has been given to the idea of releasing the album initially in downloadable electronic form.

The songs recorded at Long View farms include: When She Go, Epiphany, Beautiful Lies, Souvenir, Faith On Parade, Nadine, 8 Ball, Applesauce, Electrocute, Stupid Hat, When The Melody Plays, Straight Line, My Good Side, Slinky, Burger Special, You Know Me Best, All Systems Clear, Maybe I'm Amazed (the Paul McCartney song), A Spoonful Of Sugar, and possibly a couple more....


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