Hail to the great "scanner drone", he or she who digitizes endless photos. All the following links take you to pages of thumbnails. The thumbnails link you to the images, most of which are pretty high-res jpeg's. If you've downloaded pictures from the internet before, you know how it works. If not, well, it ain't too complicated.
ONSTAGE SHOTS - - these cover shots of the whole band and shots of two or three guys onstage. Individual onstage shots are in the individual pages. Please note that good pictures of the whole band live onstage are difficult to come by. If you have any we are very interested! CASUAL SHOTS - - these include band photos, shots on the road, at home, and in the studio, and pictures of two or three guys. Basically any shot of more than one band member, when they are not playing a show.
FRIENDS OF GSW - - many friends are here, but many more are still missing....we need your pictures. The friends are pictured by themselves or with the band members. To anyone pictured in this section, our thanks as always.... FLYERS 'n' GRAPHICS - - this page is, if you will, a potpourri (sorry) of GSW graphics, logos, and particularly, flyers from the early years, designed by myself or Rob Sinclair aka SQUIBB. We used to spend hours putting these up all over NYC....
PICTURES OF AARON - - Surprisingly enough, this page is filled with pictures of Aaron, the big cuddly co-lead-singer and soul puppy of the band. Use Aaron to find peace of mind, spiritual enlightenment, or when you need to eat light. PICTURES OF DAN - - The cute one of the group, at least with most of his hairstyles. Some of them have not worked out as well as others....while not too busy being cute, Dan is also the bass player.
PICTURES OF LO - - Modesty precludes me saying much about these photos of myself....except to point out that I'm much taller in person than I usually appear in photos. I play guitar, warble, and write tunes for this little combo. PICTURES OF BEVO - - The former keyboardist and still songwriter, Bevo is the only band member always referred to by his last name. His first name is Jon....No H. Good at manipulating 88 keys, or 88 beers.
PICTURES OF TOMO - - The legendary and always photogenic original drummer of God Street. Real name Tom Osander. Planet of origin unknown. MISCELLANEOUS - - Pictures of the newest band members, Pete and Aubrey (don't have enough of these guys yet). Also, assorted press, publicity, and album cover photos.

one more thing - - we are always looking for quality photos....and would be VERY GRATEFUL to anyone who provides us with more photos, especially onstage shots. Please e-mail me or send me the photos as e-mail attachments (of course don't do this with gigantic files). If you have photos that are not digitized you can send them to Finewine, PO Box 294, Rye NY 10580.

We cannot pay for photos for this web page (but you will be doing the Wino community a service!) However, note that we are also always looking for photos and art for posters, CDs, press, etc, and if we use your photos for these purposes you might make some money.


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