What is "finewine"? Finewine is the God Street Wine Internet Mailing List. It is something you subscribe to. If you subscribe to it, you will receive e-mail from people all over the world, relating to GSW. The content of the discussion ranges from favorite songs, reviews of shows and stories about the band, to long arguments between tapers about the correct way of abbreviating song titles, arrangements for getting rides to GSW shows, and the occasional lost soul who wanders in thinking he will be in for a rousing discussion of the merits of the first-growth Bordeaux of 1992.
Sometimes this proves to be an overwhelming amount of e-mail, which is why most people who subscribe to "finewine" do so in digest form. This means that instead of 30 random e-mail messages, you get a "digest" with 30 subject headings, any of which you can click on to read the messages of your choice.
What is the finewine archive? Well, these very digests are eventually numbered and archived on a big server at Brown University. This makes it possible to go back and read the past discussions and debates, without even subscribing to the list. The digests are thoughtfully organized and thoroughly searchable by date and subject matter. The finewine archives provide a weird lens through which to read the history of the band....as well as a window into the wino community.

How do I subscribe to finewine? You can click here to sign-up for the discussion list. There is the full version, the digestified version, and a news-only version (the FINEWINE-INFO list) wherein you do not get any of the discussions, only news and tour dates sent to your mailbox. To subscribe to FINEWINE-INFO, click here.

There are currently 2 ways to browse the finewine archives:

Feb 2001 to present
April 1995 through Feb 2001
newly re-available



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